2010 PrelawAdvisor.com Law School Admission Successes
Monday, August 16, 2010 at 11:13AM
Brad Dobeck

2010 PrelawAdvisor.com Law School Admission Successes

By Brad Dobeck, Esq., President, PrelawAdvisor.com

August 16, 2010

So far this year, I have been privileged to assist my JD advisees and transfer advisees in winning admission offers from:  Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Penn, Virginia, Northwestern, Cornell, Georgetown (JD and MSFS program), Vanderbilt, USC, Washington U. in St. Louis, George Washington, Emory, Notre Dame, Indiana University, UC Hastings, Florida State, Seton Hall, U. of Richmond, U. of Denver, West Virginia U., Catholic U., Howard U., and Charlotte.

If you want to discuss your plans for initial JD admission or JD transfer, please send an e-mail to BradDobeck@aol.com or call me at 703-237-8531.  I am eager to help you in your planning for law school.

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