's Brad Dobeck "was the best kind of consultant – the one who isn’t really a consultant at all, but simply a trusted advisor with a genuine interest in helping you to maximize your potential. I am grateful for his service, and his friendship."

—An advisee offered admission to Yale, Harvard and Stanford and numerous other law schools

Invest in you.  Win the THICK envelope.

My goal is to help you reach your potential.

Strategy, execution, momentum, victory.

Get solid answers to your tough questions:

  • Where should I study law?
  • When should I start?
  • Should I go to law school during the day or evening?
  • What sort of advance preparation should I have?
  • Will the law schools I am interested in say 'Yes' to me?
  • How should I deal with the LSAT?
  • How do I best present myself in my application?
  • What should I write about in my personal statement?
  • Who should I choose as my recommendations?
  • When should I submit my applications?
  • What do I do if I'm waitlisted at a law school?
  • How do I choose between multiple law schools offering me admission? Is deferral a good option?
  • What is law school really like?
  • How do I best plan for my career during and after law school?
  • Why is the challenge of elite law school admission so difficult?

...can assist you in developing a realistic and aggressive plan to pursue law school admission at the right law schools for you. I'll also help you prepare for the battles of law school, and help you plan wisely for the challenges at the start of your professional career immediately after law school. You need to think about much more than just the challenge of getting into law school!

How many apply?  How many get to go?

The graph below displays the relationship between total law school applicants and those who became new first-year law students.  (Data source: Law School Admission Council, 2009.)

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