“If I could rewind my life one year, I would do myself a favor and contact Brad Dobeck from the get-go.  Instead, I didn’t think to seek out guidance in the law school admissions process until I decided to transfer.  Brad’s expertise made a world of difference: On my own, I landed at a top 30 law school.  With Brad’s help, I received offers from Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, and Penn, among other T-14 schools. 

            With the benefit of years of experience, Brad is infinitely knowledgeable about the admissions process, including which schools would be a good fit, what essay topics are compelling, and how to craft a resume that will catch the attention of admissions officers.  For example, when it came time to write the personal statements and supplemental essays, Brad and I talked through various topics until we settled on one that set me apart from other applicants.  Further, we targeted specific schools and emphasized the particular qualities that would be especially appealing to that school. 

            As a practical matter, there are a number of unforeseeable issues that will frustrate even the most sensible and careful applicant.  Ordering transcripts, processing recommendations through LSAC, and wresting class rank charts from the registrar all presented obstacles that could have been fatal to my application had it not been for Brad’s foresight and planning.  In fact, Brad helped me steer clear of pitfalls that caught some of my friends who opted to go it alone. 

            On a personal level, Brad is a caring, attentive, and supportive friend, who gave me confidence during a process that is fraught with uncertainty.  In short, I cannot sing Brad’s praises enough.  I encourage everyone with sense enough to seek out expertise in the law school admissions process to contact him and see for yourself.”

                                                                                                                 ---From a 2010 transfer advisee


“Brad Dobeck is one of the most encouraging and resourceful people I have interacted with in my time as a law student. I spent my 1L year at a Top 10 school, but was looking to move to a more diverse and urban environment in the Northeast. One of the first things Brad said to me was that he was on my team and that I could approach him for anything at all. Throughout the application process, he lived up to his word. The transfer application process, like law school generally, can be a very stressful process. I was apprehensive about approaching my professors to write me a recommendation to leave the school they obviously loved. Brad gave me advice on how to tactfully request them. He also helped me when I faced writer's block and had a hard time writing my personal statements. He helped me draft my resume to highlight both my law school and undergraduate activities. We worked together and came up with a schedule that took into account the application deadlines for the schools to which I was applying, my personal ranking of the schools I wanted to attend, and of course, my 1L commitments. Working with Brad made what could have been a very overwhelming process easy, and I'm not sure that I would have gone through the process if it hadn't been for his constant support. In writing this testimonial, I want to thank Brad for his commitment and unfaltering enthusiasm. If you're still on the fence about whether working with Brad will really give you an edge, trust me, it will!

---From a 2009 transfer advisee who won admission to a Top 5 (Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU) law school

My experience with PrelawAdvisor.com exceeded my expectations in every way. I called Brad Dobeck after I received solid first-semester grades from a dismal Tier 3 law school. I wanted to transfer up and move to better urban opportunities, ideally with greater choices in the law... and warmer weather. We worked over the phone for several hours and in less than a week, we had Early Action transfer applications ready to go to Georgetown Law, the University of Miami, and Florida State University—all of which resulted in transfer offers. Brad counseled me and offered his expert opinion and guidance on everything from how to study for finals, to whom to ask for letters of recommendations, to customizing personal statements for each target school, to offering his opinion on each transfer offer as it came in.

Brad Dobeck is truly passionate about helping his advisees. He mentored me through every step of the process. Before Brad became my advisor, I tried to fight alone through the overwhelming, suffocating and daunting law school transfer process. Once Brad became my transfer advisor, a huge weight was taken off my shoulders, because he was on my side and helped me put forth the most effective, creative and inspired transfer applications I could possibly write. Brad stretched the limits of my imagination as far as law schools were concerned. I earned transfer admission offers from three Top 20 law schools, none of which I had the foresight to think much about before Brad became my advisor. Instead of feeling intimidated by the challenging law school transfer process, I became hopeful and optimistic, because I had such a knowledgeable and inspiring person on my side. Through the entire process, Brad made me feel like I was exclusively his advisee of greatest importance. He regularly spoke with my mother and answered every question she had, to make her as comfortable and included in the process as she wanted to be. In the end, I had the opportunity to transfer to Georgetown Law, the University of Southern California, or Washington University in St. Louis.  I am in the process of moving to my new school now.

Brad is continuing to offer me advice regarding the law firm employment interviews I will shortly experience. Brad Dobeck and PrelawAdvisor.com provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I am blessed to have had his thorough and expert advice. I am leaving behind a declining Tier 3 law school for one America’s top national law schools as a result.”

--A transfer advisee from the summer of 2009.


“Hiring PrelawAdvisor.com’s attorney Brad Dobeck to help me transfer out of my Tier 4 law school was the best decision I ever made. After talking with Brad the first time, I immediately realized that he was the real deal. I had previously worked with another admissions consultant, who I learned about through my LSAT prep course. Let me say first and foremost, Brad's level of service, knowledge and expertise blew those guys right out of the water. Brad is undoubtedly the reason why I was able to juggle maintaining my stellar first-semester grades while navigating the law student transfer gambit. He truly helped me get past every step along the way, whether it was helping me put together and customize my personal statements, assisting me in drafting a top-notch resume and cover letter, or just to talk about life in general and my future as lawyer. He was always there to oversee and ensure that I made the right next move. He even proofread and significantly improved my girlfriend's resume and cover letter before she searched for a new job in Atlanta, where I will be a studying at a Top 20 law school this coming fall, Emory University School of Law. That is the kind of person Brad Dobeck really is!  Passionate, caring, helpful, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he is friendly and easy to talk to. And to top all of that, my study partner and best friend during my 1L year also hired Brad Dobeck. He also received a transfer offer from Emory Law. Now, we’ll both be there this fall. So I not only get to study law an outstanding Top 20 law school, I also get to be there with my best friend from my Tier 4 1L section. We both owe it all to Brad Dobeck at PrelawAdvisor.com.

I really cannot ever thank Brad enough. He made my dream of studying at a top law school a reality. Not only did I get into Emory Law, he also helped me land two other "battlefield promotions" (Brad’s slang for transfer admission offers) from excellent law schools--Florida State University, where I would have had the option of cheaper in-state tuition, and the University of Miami, where I qualified to walk onto their business law review. I feel extremely blessed to have had all of these wonderful choices from which to choose. Take it from me, your 1L year is hard enough as it is. Brad Dobeck and PrelawAdvisor.com will make your life a million times easier if you plan on transferring after you get your first-semester grades. I really don't know what I would have done without him. He is seriously worth more than ten times what he charges to become your advisor. This testimonial does not even capture how thankful I am to have Brad on my side now and for the rest of my law school journey. I can honestly tell all of you who will be reading this in the future that Brad Dobeck is truthfully not just my advisor, he has become my friend. Thank you, Brad. You have sincerely been an inspiration to me and I hope that others will take the opportunity to get to know you as I have!”

--A transfer advisee from the summer of 2009




Hear from a 2008-09 first-year law student about Brad Dobeck's services at PrelawAdvisor.com:


"Hiring Brad to help me with my law school transfer application process was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I feel certain that my admissions success was due, in significant part, to Brad’s guidance. From the get-go, Brad bowled me over with his knowledge about the application process. I had worked with another counselor prior to Brad and it was beyond evident how much more informed Brad was about what it takes to put together a persuasive application. Brad advised me every step of the way, on questions large and minute: from deciding which schools were within my reach and the best fit for me, to the etiquette on requesting recommendations from professors and dealing with my law school registrar. I struggled, as many law school applicants do, with writing my personal essay. Brad was invaluable on this score. He helped me flesh out my topic and gave my drafts the most careful possible readings that a piece of writing could get. He spent endless hours on the phone with me – so much so that I felt as though I was his only client and he was my biggest cheerleader.

Brad was so insightful and made such an effort to get to know me, my strengths, and what I was looking for out of my law school experience, that it became impossible for me to make important decisions about my application process without him. I continue to go to Brad for advice – he has become a trusted advisor and he is an absolute pleasure to work with." 

—An Ivy League graduate who won transfer offers from Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Chicago and Georgetown.


"I looked into a number of consulting possibilities before applying to law school. Many people billed out their time at outrageous prices, or set draconian restrictions on what topics could be discussed, which schools I could apply to, and so on. It was immediately apparent to me that Brad Dobeck had a different way of doing things. Brad was available nearly every time I needed his help, often for as long as I needed his help, even if it was an hour or two at a time. He reviewed all of my draft essays for every law school I applied to, and he always came up with thorough answers to my questions – even the ones that were a little frivolous. Brad even offered to review my application materials for other graduate programs at no extra cost. In short, Brad was the best kind of consultant – the one who isn’t really a consultant at all, but simply a trusted advisor with a genuine interest in helping you to maximize your potential. I am grateful for his service, and his friendship."

—An advisee offered admission to Yale, Harvard and Stanford and numerous other law schools.

"If I had to sum it all up in a single sentence, I'd say that working with Brad has been one of the best investments that I've made in my professional career thus far. Here's why. I was rejected from every law school that I applied to from college. I was conditionally admitted only to one low-ranked T4 law school. I received a promotion from my employer that required me to move to Washington, DC. Because of timing and location, Georgetown was the only feasible law school. We had only a short window of time to prepare our 'Hail Mary' application to Georgetown. With Brad's guidance, I was successfully admitted in the first round of decisions."

A first-year student from a fourth-tier law school admitted via a transfer application to Georgetown University Law Center.

"We want to thank you.  We were just reading over [your advice] to [our son], answering his questions about law school.  [Your] e-mail started [our son] on a much better path.  [Our son] speaks very highly of you, respects your advice, and appreciates your support.  Thank you, Brad."

                                       —The parents of an advisee, whose son was rescued from starting his JD studies at a 4th-tier law school.  The son now lives and works in Washington, DC and will be studying law in Washington in the future, at a much better law school.

"I am extremely happy with my choice of George Washington University Law School and would like to thank you again for your help. I would not have made it here but for your help."

—A former advisee from Texas, now doing well at GW.

"Brad's services were absolutely invaluable. When I started this process, I was a 27 year-old returning student with less-than-perfect grades, and genuine worries regarding law school. From the very beginning, Brad helped me put together a solid, methodical, and effective approach to the law school application process. With his help I was able to conquer the LSAT, and put together an application package that was sure to stand out and get the attention it deserved. But Brad's services didn't stop there.

With Brad's guidance, I managed to receive admission offers and scholarship offers from more than a dozen law schools located all over the country, and as a result I was faced with an entirely different kind of challenge. Suddenly I had more offers than I knew what to do with, and Brad once again came through by giving me no-nonsense advice, and sharing real life experiences from his former advisees who now attend those very same schools. I cannot begin to stress the importance of Brad's advice here.

While it is important to perform well on the LSAT and to have your ducks in a row for the application process, in order to open up as many doors as possible, deciding which school is right for it was a far more difficult task. With Brad's help, I learned that rankings aren't always the most important thing in the selection process, as there are so many variables to consider when investing in a legal career. In fact, the school I chose to attend was not the highest-ranking school in my pool of admission offers. However, it was without a doubt the school best suited for my needs in terms of location, faculty, student body, programs offered, and opportunities offered to help me succeed upon completion of law school.

Believe it or not, the struggle was not quite over yet. While I had survived the application process, and made an informed decision as to the school I wanted to attend, I still had to survive the real challenge: my first year in law school. With Brad's advice, I was able to take this bull by the horns. The first year in law school can be one of the most challenging experiences of one's life. Very little of what I had done in school up to this point actually prepared me for this experience, so having someone like Brad on my side to help me devise a plan of attack was an advantage that helped me quickly rise above the rest.

I am currently ranked in the top 25% of my class, am the founder of one of the most innovative and highly regarded programs to emerge from legal academia in recent years, and have landed a lucrative summer associate position with one of the top law firms in Denver. All of this was made possible because of the knowledge and guidance Brad shared with me, and because he has been a genuine advocate for my success.

I can't thank him enough for helping me achieve so much."

—An advisee now at the University of Denver's Sturm College of Law.

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"My numbers put me 'on the cusp' at so many places. Even though I knew I had a lot to offer the schools to which I was applying, turning my applications from run of the mill rejects into something unique was a daunting task. Using what I had done throughout college, Brad helped me craft my applications into true winners. With his help, I got in to my first choice, a 'Top 10' school to boot. As someone serious about attending law school, PrelawAdvisor.com was an invaluable resource to me.

Brad Dobeck helped demystify the law school application experience. He gave me the critical tools and information I needed to create a persuasive resume and personal statement, which put me on top of the game. He helped me with the application process, as well as the interview I faced. But more importantly, Brad stayed with me through the entire selection process, giving me sound advice to help me first narrow down my options and then later pick the winning school – the one that we determined was the best choice for my needs and aspirations.

Brad has continued to advise me during my first year at law school, giving me information about test-taking tips and better preparation for class. We are currently working together to improve my chances of transferring to an even better school, giving me yet another leg up in the game.

Could I have gotten into law school without Brad Dobeck? Maybe, but I certainly thought it was a long shot. Am I glad I used Brad’s services? Absolutely! I’ve spent thousands of dollars on test prep and law school applications, and even more on travel to and from schools to narrow down my options. And let’s not forget the daunting cost of law school itself. I have to say the small amount I spent for solid advice from a man with years of experience was one of the best investments I made for my future as a lawyer. Now that I am done with my race to law school, I would gladly recommend my secret weapon, Brad Dobeck at PrelawAdvisor.com, to anyone who is about to embark on the same journey."

—A recent graduate of a large public university in the mid-Atlantic area, who is now in law school in Colorado.

"Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate your wisdom, patience and thoughtfulness more than you can imagine. You made this journey a lot easier for me...You went above and beyond. "

—A graduate of a highly-ranked New England liberal arts college, admitted to a top Virginia law school.


"It would be difficult for me to overstate the value that PrelawAdvisor.com brought to my law school application process. Brad Dobeck's knowledge of 'the system' is comprehensive, his efforts tireless, his concern for his advisees genuine. I essentially had a personal consultant for the whole of the process, and my goals became his. From guiding me to an excellent LSAT prep course, to exceptional advice on my personal statement, to planning the launch of my applications, even to guiding me through the strategic process of responding to the offers of various schools, the one-on-one attention I received from Brad Dobeck was invaluable. I am convinced that my association with PrelawAdvisor.com resulted in my being admitted to law schools that would otherwise have turned me down."

—An advisee offered admission to Georgetown, Penn, Northwestern, Boston College and waitlisted at Chicago and Harvard.

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"Brad Dobeck gives great advice, tailored for the individual. It was great to work with a prelaw advisor who listened. He did not assume that my goals were necessarily the same as those of other students. Because he was really able to listen to my goals, dreams and educational aspirations, he helped me not only pick a great school academically, but also a school that really fit with my personality. Brad Dobeck not only helped me select the perfect school for me, but he also helped me tailor my application for that school. His knowledge about different schools and what they are looking for in an applicant is outstanding! And for someone with a less than perfect LSAT, he really helped me tailor my applications to showcase my other qualities, so that I still ended up a strong candidate for many top schools."

—A Georgetown grad, admitted to a top Virginia law school.

"After being waitlisted until August two years ago, then an outright no last year from my law school of choice, I knew I needed the help of a practical navigator if I were going to be accepted to law school. Brad Dobeck piloted me to a YES! With his insider's perspective of the admissions game, unvarnished objectivity at critical times—"no whining" and "edit that out"—he helped me sort through the chaos, and together we laid out a strategy that resulted in success. I'd been away from academics for some time, but Brad knows what law schools look for in their search for students who will thrive in law school. He helped me portray my degree from a top undergrad school and my post-academic experiences, including full-time parenting, to my best advantage. With Brad's guidance, my personal statement and resume became clean, concise and persuasive. He convinced me to endure a second LSAT, and I added eight points to my score. Brad encouraged me to apply to an additional law school in my area and to cultivate personal relationships with the schools, and this year I was accepted at both. Brad Dobeck kept me on course. He doesn't shy from what needs saying, and that's what I needed. And now, I'm implementing his advice on how to prepare before classes begin. The winning combination of working with Brad Dobeck made all the difference."

—A Georgetown grad, her first-choice law school, in the Pacific Northwest.

"Brad Dobeck knows the law school admissions game. His advice proved invaluable at every stage of the process: selecting law schools, LSAT preparation, acquiring letters of recommendation, writing the personal statement, interviewing, weighing offers of admission and even considering dual degree options. He was always available with input that was consistent, honest, and reliable. Brad Dobeck was a terrific throughout a challenging process!"

—advisee admitted to the joint Harvard Law School, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy JD/MALD program.

"Brad Dobeck is an extremely helpful and knowledgeable prelaw advisor. He challenged me to create an application package that earned offers from seven of the top 10 law schools. He also helped me negotiate remarkable scholarship packages from these schools. And Brad's subsequent advice concerning success in law school helped me make Law Review."

—A Georgetown grad, admitted to the University of Chicago Law School.

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"Thank you for your great advice—in college, during my year of law-related work after I finished school, and then through the process of applying to law school, selecting the right program for me, and competing effectively while I was there. Your assistance made the entire journey much easier and successful for me."

—A Georgetown grad who worked in a Washington law firm for a year before completing Penn Law and starting work as an associate in a major New York City law firm.

"Brad Dobeck is top notch. Working with him was a pleasure. His knowledge of admissions trends and requirements proved correct in every instance. His assessment of my chances at each of the schools to which I applied was candid, accurate, and appreciated. His help with my personal statement and application package was critical. Simply put, Brad knows the law school application and admission scene. His services put the lie to the theory that one gets what one pays for. PrelawAdvisor.com delivers well beyond its 'value pricing'."

—A grad from a highly respected midwestern liberal arts college admitted to a top law school in Virginia.

"My experience with Brad Dobeck was truly invaluable. When I began looking for a prelaw advisor, I was torn between him and other resources. However, upon speaking with Brad, I was confident that he would prove to be a trustworthy and hardworking advisor who would give me the advantages for which I was looking, and I was right! We communicated extensively via phone, fax and email and he truly made an effort to accommodate my hectic work schedule. His dedication to his advisees is exceptional and rare in today's extremely commercialized market of professional education advisors.

In terms of choosing schools to which to apply, Brad was extremely candid and honest, which I really appreciated. He, very frankly, told me which schools were out of my reach, and which schools would love to have me as a student. From his honest evaluation of my GPA and LSAT, in conjunction with my relevant work experience and background, I feel I made a very wise choice of schools. For example, I had honestly not once considered applying to or attending the law school I'm now at, until Brad mentioned it, and now I am finishing my first year there and loving it.

Brad helped me extensively revise (and revise!) my personal statement, until he and I were both satisfied that it was the best it could be. He, in a very professional and understanding manner, answered my plethora of questions during the whole process, and believe me, I had an endless number of questions. He is extremely detail-oriented; he checked and double-checked everything for me.

Finally, Brad helped me draft correspondence to my waitlisted law school, and also to the financial aid office of the law school I ultimately accepted. Working together, he helped me obtain a scholarship. As I was completely new to the financial aid process, Brad was extremely patient and accommodating.

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable my experience was with Brad as my prelaw advisor. He awed me with his extensive knowledge of the application process as a whole, and of individual law schools. Many advisees, including myself, still keep in contact with Brad as he has clearly been such a positive and supportive influence on our law school careers.

I wish you the best of luck during this taxing application process. If you decide to work with Brad, I can assure you that he will prove to be beneficial, supportive and honest, qualities that you need in an advisor to compete in this increasingly tough market."

—An NYU grad, admitted to a top law school in Washington, DC.

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