Let's Brainstorm Together

Want to talk about your plans and hopes for law school admission? I'll answer your questions and give you as much help as possible in a Two-Hour Intensive conversation. For $400 (which will be credited in full towards my fee for Comprehensive Prelaw Advisory Services, if you ever desire them, where my time with you is not limited at all), we can talk about your plans, test out your approach, work on your personal statement, and brainstorm in any way you need, focusing on law school and your future in the legal profession.

Here's how the Two-Hour Intensive works. You will call me at a prearranged time convenient for you. Evenings and Saturdays are fine. Any additional person(s) you want on the call are welcome. For two hours (or two one-hour calls, if you prefer), we'll work on your issues and questions relating to your situation. I will give you an informed "reality check" about your prospects, while seeking to share with you every advantage I can offer. You'll send me in advance your resume and a completed confidential Advisee Data Sheet that I'll e-mail you. I'll give you the benefit of my 11+ years of experience working in law school admissions, and my 25+ years of professional experience as a lawyer and graduate of an elite national law school program.



Two-Hour Intensive Advisee Agreement



In consideration of the Advisee's payment of $400.00, Brad Dobeck, Esq., president of PrelawAdvisor.com, will provide the Advisee with two hours of assistance by phone. My goal will be to answer your questions, offering both my best assessment of your prospects and my advice to best assist you in the process of planning for law school and your future career in the law. In this conversation, I will simulate the toughness and impersonal nature of the law school admission process. However, I will always stay firmly on your side.

You give me permission to speak to you candidly, and to edit your work without reservations, so that your applications will meet the high standards sought by law schools.

If you agree to the terms of this Two-Hour Intensive Advisee Agreement, please send an email to me, confirming your acceptance. You may make payment by using your credit card on my website (select the PayPal button below) or by mailing a check to PrelawAdvisor.com at the address below.

The $400 fee you pay is non-refundable, but it will be 100% credited against my $1,950 fee for Comprehensive Prelaw Advisory Services, should you at any time desire my time on an unlimited basis.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you.


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