Preparing Your Applications

In the fight for law school admission, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Your application is that chance! assists you by helping you develop a strong and persuasive personal statement and all the other necessary elements of a successful application.

Some things to consider with regard to your applications:


Follow the directions carefully that each school provides.  Aim for the earliest point in the admissions cycle.  The optimal timeframe typically for application submission is between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Understand each school's cycle.  Seek to be there early in line for admission consideration.

Personal Statement

The goal in your personal statement is an interesting story that creates an immediate positive mental image of you.  Don't waste the opportunity of the personal statement to attempt to explain away any negative factors.  Plan to test your personal statement on friends, family and your prelaw advisor.  Winning formulas are as varied as each individual.  Do not follow the well-worn path of "Why I Want to Go to Law School."  Remember that the admissions reviewers have read literally thousands of such personal statements.  Obviously, grammar and spelling must be impeccable.  At the highest level, a law school personal statement is subtle, complex and nuanced.


Consider as well providing a resume and an additional recommendation beyond the minimum number required. These documents are likely to at least be glanced at by the Admissions Committee.


A poorly written recommendation reflects badly on you.  Be sure that the individuals who are writing recommendations on your behalf are capable of highlighting your accomplishments and presenting another positive image of you and your abilities.  In the world of law school admissions, faint praise from recommenders immediately raises serious questions. Your recommenders must be able to support your application skillfully and enthusiastically.

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