For MBA Applicants

At, I also work with MBA applicants. A number of my JD applicants over the years have applied for JD/MBA programs, and some decide in the course of considering law school that they really prefer an MBA program and a business career.

Here's how I work with MBA applicants:

PrelawAdvisor.comAgreement for Comprehensive MBA Application Advisory Services

Date: __________________

Advisee: __________________________

In consideration of the Advisee's payment of $1,950.00, Brad Dobeck, Esq., president of, will provide the Advisee with comprehensive MBA application advisory services during one admission cycle. My goal is to assist you in: (1) earning the best possible business school admission offers; (2) guiding you along an appropriate business-related developmental path; and (3) helping you understand the realities of your future business school competition, so that you are informed about how to achieve outstanding performance.

Brad Dobeck will:

Serve as the Advisee's strategist, advocate and ally in the process of competing for offers from the recommended target business schools.

Develop a strategy for you, which includes: consideration of business-related work or internships; selection of business schools and program type; GMAT preparation recommendations and test date timing; the timing of submission of your applications; development of a highly creative and persuasive personal statement concept; advice on all other application documents, including optional essays, addendums, answers to questions and certifications; selection and preparation of your recommenders; recommendation of a delivery method of the application; dealing with any waitlist situation; negotiation of any desired start-date deferral; and assistance in leveraging your position for the best possible cost discounting by business schools.

Recommend books to read, business schools to visit (both cyber trips and actual visits), and provide performance tips.

Seek to spare the Advisee from learning the lessons of the business school admission process the hard way (that is, by rejection or poor results). But to do so, you have to understand that I must at times simulate the toughness and impersonal nature of the business school admission process. However, I will always be on your side.

Attempt to respond, normally, within two business days to your phone calls or e-mails. Please give me a little flexibility during the busiest times of the year. I will also take an occasional vacation day (as should the Advisee!).

Should the recommended strategy fail to achieve at least one business school admission offer acceptable to the Advisee, I will assist the Advisee during the next admission cycle, without any additional charge.

Your Responsibilities as Advisee:

Implement the strategy agreed upon.

Act upon my recommendations, to the best of your ability, paying close attention to all of the details, as business schools require.

You give me permission to speak to you candidly, and to edit your work without reservations, so that your applications will meet the high standards sought by business schools.

Our Joint Operating Principles:

One of the most important factors for you to have in this process is mental flexibility. Hold the goal of going to business school firmly in mind, but please retain an open mind as to how to best achieve this goal. Mentally flexible applicants are the most successful, in my experience.

Business schools can set very high standards for written work. We will attempt to meet them, working together. Attention to correct details is critical. Business schools seek work that is excellent in every detail. Proper grammar and spelling are absolutely essential.

There are no dumb questions. Ask anything on your mind. But please learn from each discussion, so that we don't have to cover the same points repeatedly. Execute corrections to the best of your ability.

In some ways, the business school admission process is quite rigid. Yet in other ways, it can be flexible, allowing for your creativity. I'll help you understand when flexibility in your response is permissible.

Parents are always welcome to call or e-mail their questions or concerns.

You agree to email me reports of all practice GMAT results, changes in your thinking and goals, and significant developments in your life that might affect your business school plans. You agree also to report all significant business school communications to me. Please keep me informed. It is your responsibility to do so.

In order to avoid making mistakes that might adversely affect your applications, please do not contact business school admission offices on your own, before checking with me first.

If you agree to the terms of this Agreement for Comprehensive MBA Application Advisory Services, please send an email to me, confirming your acceptance. You may make payment by using your credit card on my website (press the PayPal button below) or by mailing a check to at the address below.

The $1,950 fee you pay is non-refundable.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you!


Brad Dobeck, Esq.
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Phone: 703/237-8531;
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