Question #10: How do I persuade admissions decision makers in my application?

Use LSAC's electronic application process. Click here to begin their process.
Purchase and read The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, if you don't already have a copy. This slim volume is the best compilation on effective writing that I've ever seen. Employ in particular the concept of omitting needless words. You want your writing to be concise, vivid and effective, with every word contributing to the result you desire.

The goal in your personal statement is an interesting story that creates an immediate positive mental image of you. Don't waste the opportunity of the personal statement to attempt to explain away any negative factors. Plan to test your personal statement on friends, family and your prelaw advisor. Winning formulas are as varied as each individual. Do not follow the well-worn path of "Why I Want to Go to Law School." Remember that the Admissions reviewers have read literally thousands of such personal statements. Obviously, grammar and spelling must be impeccable.

Follow the directions carefully that each school provides. Aim for the earliest point in the admissions cycle. The optimal timeframe typically for application submission is from the first day of their cycle (often October 1 but it could be as early as September 1) and Thanksgiving. Understand each school's specific cycle. Seek to be there early for more favorable admission consideration.

Tell your top school that it is your first choice and that you will definitely attend if offered admission (if true). You cannot ethically make this commitment to any other school.

Be scrupulously honest in all your application work. Your future reputation as a lawyer includes what you've said in your law school applications. If you have any doubts on this issue, meet with your prelaw advisor.

Consider the use of brief addendums to provide any additional information necessary to persuade the Admissions Committee. Consult with your prelaw advisor before employing this approach, as it is sometimes overused.

Provide your carefully crafted resume and perhaps an additional recommendation beyond the minimum number required. These documents are likely to at least be glanced at by the Admissions Committee.

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